Congratulations! You have an important birthday coming up. You’ve been around the block and are a seasoned pro. Now it’s time to get your ducks in a row to prepare for the best years yet to come.

Medicare, a federal health insurance program begins for you on your 65th birthday. While the program (Parts A and B) is structured to help you manage the costs of certain services such as hospital stays and doctor’s visits, unfortunately it only goes so far. As a result, you’ll need to pay some out-of-pocket copays or deductibles. You will automatically be eligible for Medicare Part A once you turn 65, and you usually don’t have to pay a premium for this. You’ve paid into the system in the form of taxes all throughout your career. Medicare Part A generally covers hospital services, but not 100%.

Medicare Part B does have a monthly premium, and when to enroll is your choice. Medicare Part B covers services, like doctors’ visits and lab tests, but not 100%. We can help you understand if it is the right choice for you when you turn 65, or if perhaps you should wait.

You will need to have some form of “creditable” drug coverage once you get your Medicare Part A, or you will be assessed a late enrollment penalty of 1% per month for every month you go without it. We can help you determine if you already have this level of coverage, or if you should enroll in a prescription drug program.

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