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To you, this might mean leaf-peepers turning Rt. 3 into a parking lot, but to us it means Open Enrollment. We’ve been getting ready for our “Super Bowl” season behind the scenes for months here at The Lenny Dobens Agency-getting recertified with all the top plans, learning about the latest and greatest options available to you for 2023, getting our mailing ready for our client list and most importantly trying to adapt to changes on the horizon.

No one likes change- that’s as sure as death and taxes. One major change for 2023 is a new Medicare requirement that will have us recording all inbound and outbound phone calls while using a phone script and then storing them for 10 years. If there is any aspect of this terribly busy time of year that I do find enjoyable, it’s reconnecting with my clients who have become family and catching up on all of the goings-on of the past year. Staying compliant while maintaining the friendships we’ve developed over the years will definitely prove challenging with this new requirement and will add an additional time and administrative burden to a small agency with limited manpower. We’ve gone from wanting to limit face to face interactions to keep everyone safe and healthy to now wanting to limit our phone conversations to protect your privacy. There are plenty of 800 numbers out there where you can call to speak with a scripted agent and purchase insurance. It’s not who we are here and frankly, what we feel sets us apart.

So I will continue to wrestle with the best, most efficient options to communicate compliantly with you that still both meet your needs and provide that personal touch. You all go enjoy the last of the dog days. I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t even notice the change.

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