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Meet Finley, the new Lenny Dobens Agency Spokesmodel.

I used to think those bumper stickers and t-shirts were so goofy- and then Molly, Henry, Finley and Archie came into my life. Now I’m wondering if I can get some wallpaper somewhere??

When I’m not busy keeping NH seniors properly insured with healthcare coverage, I’m spending time with these crazy kids, even if it’s only via FaceTime. All four of them came into my life within the span of three years (mom and dad are very busy) and I can’t even remember how dull life was before that. Molly, my step-granddaughter is about to turn two whole hands and is everything I want to be when I grow up- kind, smart, creative, strong, fun and drop-dead gorgeous. Henry and Finley took our lives by storm (kind of literally- but that’s a story for another day) when they joined the family almost 3 years ago. Sometimes night and day, sometimes every bit twins, they lasso’d my heart long before I met them and will never let go. Archie got wind of a wicked fun family living in Savannah where the party never stopped and just knew he had to be part of it. With the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, a mop of crazy curls and a frighteningly adventurous spirit, he’s had no difficulty carving out his own special place in the family despite being #4 and being born on Christmas Eve.

Lenny Dobens leaves a legacy he’d be so proud of. I can imagine his award-winning smile from here.

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