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While enrollment officially begins on October 15, we can now begin helping you research which may be the best drug plan for you in 2018. If you are enrolled in, or considering an advantage plan (Part C) next year, we can also help you explore the options in your county.  (Remember, if you have a medicare supplement, ideally you will stick with the same one for the rest of your life. But if for some reason you want to shop, you can do that any day of the year.)

If you are feeling tech savvy, and want to try researching drug plans on your own, we’ve created this tutorial to show you the magic behind what we do.  You can even enroll yourself on line in a matter of minutes.  We hope that once you see how easy it is, you’ll at least still think we’re magical for sharing!

2018 Deciding which Part D drug plan is best for you

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